Saturday, March 10, 2007

Charlie is on the way home ( but it may take awhile)

I have no idea on when the blog will next update as I head home on Amtrak starting at 9 AM out of Emeryville, CA and start the long trip east.

The train is "supposed" to arrive in Chicago at 3 PM on Tuesday and then I connect to the train to Boston 5 hours later.....but

Amtrak concedes that Train #6 from California does not make it back in time to connect to the Eastern trains so I may not be back at South Station until THURSDAY!!! If things go well with the connection in Chicago I will be back in Boston Wednesday evening.

However please continue to email us at and if something major develops will will somehow find a way to update the blog.

Thanks all for your support and may everyone have good commutes next week.


Daniel said...

But did he ever return? No, he never returned, and his fate is still unlearned...

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy your cross country trip on Amtrak as much as I did (no sarcasim intended).

My family and I, when I was 13, took a train from upstate New York, former home, to Los Angeles to see our family and of couse, visit Disney Land. Even though their was a train derailment between syracuse and Buffalo (of a freight train, non-Amtrak related) and they had to bus us from syracuse to Buffalo, and even though we then missed out connection in Chicago (Amtrak put us up in a 4 star hotel, my brother and I got our own room over looking the Chicago River, and they gave us a few $75 per person to spend for the day and a half that we were stuck there - it was the best diversion we had ever had). So, even though we got into Los Angeles a day late, and on the way back, we had the exact same problem, except the derailemtn happened in New Mexico, it was the most fondest memory I have for a vacation.

People must understand that to take amtrak, you must not be on a deadline. Amtrak is great if you have time to spare, and are in no rush to get to your destination.

Matt said...

We really need like a bullet train network or something here in america.