Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Green Line Validator coming to a stop near you

Mac Daniel touched on this on December 10th

We all have our brand new spiffy monthly passes that simply say Charlie Card on them. So for those commuters on the Green Line that have been using the "Show-n-Go" how is one supposed to prove they have a pass embedded on the smart card. Well the people at Scheidt & Bachmann have come up with a solution. It is called the Validator. The T has installed these machines in the new vending machine sheds they have installed along the Green Line. Apparently the way it is supposed to work is before you board the train you tap your card on the validator and it will spit out a receipt that you are supposed to show. It will be interesting to see how this works out on January 2nd.

This is what the validator looks like. Fun Fun Fun......


Anonymous said...

I suppose they are going to have to install special Validator Collector bins on the train to deal with all that paper waste - can't wait to see the litter!

Anonymous said...

whats going to happen is that riders will get a reciet once and then show that same reciet over and over again, because it is hard to see the difference from more than a foot away, so basiaclly people will pay 1.70 to ride the train for a month, looking forward to more fare evasion : ).