Saturday, December 23, 2006

Where will the new Green Line stops be in Somerville?

The Somerville Transportain Equity Partnership has been working to improve T service in Somerville. Since it appears the Green Line will be expanded to run into Somerville and possibly Medford they are concerned on where the new stops should be. This group has done their homework.
Where should the new Green Line stops be? Explore the possibilities using our interactive map, including aerial photos of each potential stop.
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Anonymous said...

There is the Medford Square area, near 93 that would be a nice spot for rapid transit. It is a shopping area with many buses, and what about a direct ramp off 93 for people travelling into the city to park their cars?

Rhea said...

What a boon this would be to folks like me who live in Jamaica Plain. Getting to Somerville is not the easiest. OK, there's the red line, but still, would it be too much to ask to get a more direct route?