Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"Important 2007 Fare Information" you may not have seen

The MBTA Forum's moderator somehow got his hands on an 8-page PDF file containing all of the "seat drop leaflets" that the T distributed for the 2007 fare increase. The file contains sheets that were left on zoned local buses, express buses, Silver Line Washington Street, Green Line surface branches, Mattapan Line replacement buses, and inner harbor ferries.

These leaflets contain a lot of useful information that isn't on the T's website. Why didn't the T put them online?

Important 2007 Fare Information

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Allison said...

This blog is amazing. I have learned about more about what the T is doing here than from the T's own website. Keep up the great work.

Thanks to a tip from this blog I applied for one of the Customer Service positions the T posted. The starting salary is $45,998.00 which makes me shudder how much they are paying people in their public relations office not to get information to the public.