Saturday, January 20, 2007

Think Park St is crowded now?

Think Park Street Station is crowded at rush hour now? Take a look at the sign on the left that indicates how many trolleys used Park St in 1911. This picture was taken one year before the subway opened to Harvard Square. Can you imagine how long it must have taken to ride a streetcar from Park St to Milton or Waverley in those days?

You can look at other old Boston transit photos online from the The Boston Transit Collection at the Fogg Art Museum of Harvard University.

Comprised of approximately 700 glass plate negatives and prints documenting the construction of the city's subway and elevated railway systems between 1895 and the beginning of World War II, the Boston Transit Collection is a component of the Carpenter Center Photograph Collection on deposit at the Fogg Art Museum since 2002.

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Don Somerville said...

All those lines went through Park St? Wow