Wednesday, January 03, 2007

media coverage on Charlie - January 3

The Herald covered the first workday of the CharlieCard era on their website and also in the print edition Wednesday.

Of note the T denies they plan to charge for CharlieCards like transit companies in Chicago and Washington.

Riders at Dudley Station in Roxbury today were being told that the T would soon start charging a fee of $3 to $5 for a CharlieCard, prompting outrage from several residents. MBTA General Manager Daniel Grabauskas said the T has no plans to charge for the cards.

Grabauskas said the first work day with the fare increases went well. He said every station had at least one T worker today helping riders navigate the system. During rush hour at busy stations, they added more workers.

“It’s been exceedingly smooth,” he said.

Herald print edition "Charlie horse for MBTA riders"

with quotes from riders
Linda Hollins, 46, Dorchester, takes the bus from Dorchester to Roxbury: “It’s terrible. We don’t get the service for the money.”

Nicole Montaque, 26, Roxbury, relies on bus and trains to get around: “It’s hell because we’re not getting the service we need with all the fare increases. We should have 24-hour service like in New York.”

Emily Crehore, 28, Boston, takes the bus to work in Downtown Crossing and the subway home: “I’m not pleased (with the fare hike), but I know it’s one of the cheapest in the country.”

Natalie Jean, 15, takes the T to high school in Brighton, said it’s digging into her allowance:“It’s too much money.”

Jasmine Welcome, 14, Boston, takes the T to high school in Brighton, didn’t know how what to do with her CharlieCard: “I have no idea.”

From the Attleboro Sun we find some riders were shocked with the increase in Commuter Rail
Software engineer Avnish Gupta thought the new price of a monthly train ticket to Boston was an error message.A monthly pass from Attleboro cost Gupta $235 - a $44 increase from 2006, when he paid $191.

7NEWS offers this video report T riders offer mixed reviews of new Charlie Card


Dani B. said...

I love how the guy at the end of the 7 news report quotes the charliecard fare at being $1.75. What idiots! You're in the media how about you cruise over to and do a little fact checking on your story! Or how about going out and doing real research and actually riding the system! I hate local newscasts for this reason.

Steve said...

Natalie Jean, here's a good reason to make sure you do well in school! The fare increase won't be a big deal if your a pulling in 6 digits.

Jasmine Welcome, ask your parents or school teacher, if they don't know see above and seek new schooling.

Avnish Gupta, a 23% increase is rather small compared to the 36% increase in fare for Subway riders. Stop complaining your software engineering job should more than cover the $44.