Thursday, January 04, 2007

Whitey has been missing for 12 years and counting

From time to time we will comment on Boston life and of course one of the big mysteries in Boston is "Where's Whitey?"

The new issue of The Phoenix has an article by long time Channel 5 reporter David Boeri who now covers local news at WBUR on the continuing saga of looking for Whitey Bulger. The article questions in great detail if the FBI really wants to find Whitey who if caught could really make life miserable for many in the Federal justice system.

Personally I believe Whitey is no longer on the planet as too many of his former underlings have now turned against him and do not fear Whitey making a final visit to Southie. However the fact that the FBI after 12 years still has no idea where Whitey is or what has become of him makes you wonder just how hard they are looking.

This is one of the best articles the Phoenix has had in recent memory and hopefully we will see more of Boeri's work in the months to come.

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