Monday, January 29, 2007

"That's the design of the hardware" says the T

Globe had a little story on Sunday about the limits on coins and bills you can put into the new FVM's. (fare vending machines)

The maximum number of coins a self-service station will take at one time is 19 , according to the T.

Now, you can store up to $100 in value on your CharlieCard .

But, as with the 19 in coinage, you can't feed the automated dispenser more than 14 pieces of paper money at once -- in $1s, $5s, $10s, or $20s, says the T.

Those particular limits were not chosen capriciously, or because they are Charlie's favorite numbers.

They are all that each machine's bin can temporarily hold before a transaction is completed and the money goes into a vault, says the T.

"That's the design of the hardware," says Lydia Rivera , a spokeswoman for the MBTA.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, three times I have deposited 20 tokens into a FVM. Once to load value onto a CharlieCard, twice to purchase a Commuter Rail 12-ride (paid the balance in paper).