Friday, February 02, 2007

T Tales: New North Station not ready for prime time

North Station unveils new renovations (02/01/2007) VIDEO from 7News

Peg drops a note to about the "new and improved" North Station

think the T might have jumped the gun a bit in their ‘ribbon cutting’ for the expanded and improved waiting area at North Station. Last evening, trying to catch a 4:30 train, I ran into the new area at about 4:27, looking for an electronic monitor to tell me what track to go to…..oh wait, there are no monitors in the new area, just a large digital cartoon of the Bunker Hill Bridge and an ad for Banknorth. Suddenly though, a garbled voice announces (I think) the 4:30 train to screech!@garble& now loading on ???...Where, thought I, is that coming from? Overhead?? Behind me in the older part of the station? Apparently, there are no speakers in the new area either. Oh well, no time to spare, I run out to the boarding area to read the monitor at track side to see which track and then turn right to go to track 3….Ooooops! Orange cones and yellow ‘do not cross’ tape is strung across the head of the platform parallel to the tracks, but blocking access to adjacent boarding areas. I stood in muted frustration as I watched my train depart, and dejectedly went back to sit on one of the new benches to wait for the next train. Gee, I guess I SHOULD be happy that there was a place to sit! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghh!!!
Does sound like they rushed the opening a bit. The ironic thing is media coverage was almost non-existent of the opening because it occurred just as invasion of the Cartoon Network was happening. Still it is a huge improvement over what north side commuters have had to deal with the past 12 years.


Ron Newman said...

The new North Station lobby looks nice, but still needs food stands, vendors, and (as you point out) a destination board. All of these are scheduled to arrive, but they should have held off the public dedication until then.

(Aside to Peg - why didn't you just step over or under the yellow tape? A fingernail is sufficient to break it, too.)

Remi said...

Ron Newman:

I tried stepping over the tape last week to get to another track, and a conductor screamed at me. Last time I checked, the plywood extensions were still propped up safely, so I don't know what the big deal was.