Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The driver of bus #0010 did everything you could ask...but

This afternoon around 2 PM I was on the #65 bus leaving out of Kenmore. Let me begin by saying the driver of this bus was everything you could possibly want from a T employee and more. He should be awarded the Ralph Kramden Cup for bus driver of the month/year. Let me explain what happened.

A passenger got on board near Fenway Park and had a blank CharlieCard another bus driver had given him. The driver of #0010 took the time to explain to the customer how the card worked and even told him to put his fare on the card first and then pay to save 25 cents and be able to transfer. The driver even said he would work the passenger through the process. The driver also told the passenger he could put extra money on the card so he would have the proper fare the next time he rode the bus. The customer thought that was a good idea and inserted $5 into the farebox.

The farebox ATE the $5 without recording it.

The poor driver then spend a couple of minutes writing down his bus number, farebox number, the route number and his employee number and gave it to the passenger so he could get a refund.

I can't stress enough how professional this driver was and the way he handled the situation. For the T is is another issue with the farebox that needs to be addressed.


Dani B. said...

You should write to the top with this story. This driver deserves to be recognized for his courtesy and helpfulness. I ride the 65 as well and I must say that I encounter the best drivers on the T on that route. They are generally the most courteous and respectful bus drivers on the entire system.

Benjamin Ostrander said...

while what this driver did is great, its unfortunate us T riders get surprised to get customer-friendly drivers. Good for him, he's a good example and should be recognized.