Wednesday, January 24, 2007

MBTA Cop saves man at Davis Station

A round of applause to MBTA Transit Police Officer Danny Vieira who rescued a man from the path of a Red Line train entering the Davis Square Station Monday evening.
Mac Daniel has the details in the Globe.

The folks over at BADTRANSIT.COM point out that the situation could have been averted if the T had a better communication system.

MBTA “communications” system fails; T Police officer fills in the gap


Anonymous said...

Okay, maybe the T could have had a better communication system, fine. I usually have a lot to criticize the T on, but it isn't the t's fault some guy chose to try to use a train to kill himself.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh. Trust BadTransit to find a way to twist a story like that to make the T look bad. There's plenty to complain about about the T, and I do my share, but crap like this is why BadTransit has no credibility.