Thursday, March 01, 2007

Charlie's First 30 Days - official MBTA report

Here is a link to the T's report to the MBTA Board of Directors on how the new Charlie system performed in January.


When this report first came out we discussed it and linked to the news coverage at the time. At first we thought the 86% figure seemed high but there was some confusion in the initial Globe story and later in the day the Metro had a better read on it.

If nothing else the report is making it clear people are using the card ( especially bus riders ) to get the lower fares and transfers.


Anonymous said...

It's interesting how bus CharlieTicket/cash use had a mini-peak each weekend.

The last day of the month, which was a Wednesday, has a big number written on each graph. This over-emphasizes weekday usage, which admittedly is a higher number of riders than on weekends, but the T shouldn't ignore occasional users.

Subway stations that see occasional users, like the ones with big parking lots, have the highest CharlieTicket usage.

Anonymous said...

I find the green line surface stop information a little hard to believe. According to their data, 96% of riders used the charliecard on the last day of the month. 2/3 of the surface stations (B and C) dont have easy access to a charliecard machine. I suggest they re-evaulate their data for green line surface stops.

Anonymous said...

Well, that number also includes passes. But I agree that it seems a little suspicious.

The last page of the pdf lists opportunities for continued growth (in ridership? or CharlieCard percentage?). I have a suggestion that's better than anything listed: make sure that subway stations DON'T RUN OUT of cards. The main entrance at Harvard now has a large handwritten sign near the info booth that says NO CHARLIE CARDS, and the T employees have no idea when they're getting any more.