Thursday, March 01, 2007

HERALD:T acts to speed up gripe resolutions

The Herald writes that the T's new Customer Support Center is now open.
The MBTA has opened a new Customer Support Center to handle a two-fold increase in the number of complaints it has received over the past five years.

The new center at 10 Park Plaza in Boston marks the T’s attempt to centralize customer-service staff at headquarters to respond to riders’ issues more quickly.

“It should be incumbent on us to do the legwork, to get the answers to people’s questions, so that they don’t have to hunt around a bureaucracy,” General Manager Daniel Grabauskas said.

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Matt said...

I hope that whatever new system they come up with has some way to aggregate the complaint data in some useful way so they can figure out WHY the complaints have gone up 2x in five years, which seems pretty alarming to me.

I think the T would benefit greatly from something similar to COMPSTAT (the data and accountability-based system that de-criminalized NYC under giuliani)