Thursday, January 11, 2007

D Line train hits man walking on tracks

Both and 7News had brief reports about a D line train hitting a person walking on the tracks near Brookline Village Thursday morning. The victim is reported to be OK. So it was a minor incindent but it tied up the D Line inbound and passengers were rerouted to the C Line.
But according to another blog report posted on the T's new state of the art website with service alerts didn't provide any information.
By adamg on Thu, 01/11/2007 - 2:58pm.
Or not.
It was trolley vs. homeless guy - with both, amazingly, coming out fairly unscathed, but the T had to divert D line riders to the C line at Cleveland Circle.


Brian said...

I was on a re-routed train from Reservoir. The train pulled into the station and then the second car was unloaded and everyone boarded the first car. Then it pulled out of the station so the driver could switch directions and pulled up beside Reservoir and had everyone who wanted local service to get out. The announcements during all of this were generally pretty confusing. The train then drove out to the C-Line where it drove express into Boston. While this was happening, I noticed that there were a lot of passengers waiting on the C-Line platforms. A lot more than seemed normal for 10:30am while the colleges are off on winter break. Seemed like there hadn't been a C Line train in some time, but I guess maybe they were just directed away from near-by D Line trains. That's confusing to me, though, because the people sent off our train were promissed shuttle bus service for the D-Line.

At no point did the train make an announcement about what caused the diversion. Strictly speaking, the diversion was never actually explained at all. I didn't know we were taking the C Line in until we were passing through Cleveland Circle. But I'll confirm that blog post. When I finally got to my office, I checked the service alerts to find out what was going on and there was no mention of it whatsoever by 11am although there had been an alert about the Red Line from around the same time as this occured.

MikeK said...

For us they announced "A Medical Emergency", which I know is the usual MBTA code for some Man-Train interaction that's unplanned.

We were pulling out of Reservoir, when the car stopped and went dark. The driver was yelling into his com "They cut the power! We're dead in the water! ... They got the official on ... Ok".

Then power came back, and we rerouted through the C line.

Otto said...

hey it can happen anywhere

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