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(T Memo) Green Line fare collection procedure

Somebody at the T passed this along to the blog. It is the memo given to all Green Line personal explaining the new fare collection procedures. It explains what is expected from both the employees and the passengers. Of course the T has yet to print or post something similar for the paying customers so we do so here.

Because there is no way to attach the document on the blog it has been scanned and converted to text.


The new fare policy has established guidelines for the restructured MBTA fare policy. The new fare policy supports the MBTA's mission of providing high quality public transportation services, provides fare equity for the benefit of our customers, and maximizes fare revenue.

Green Line Surface Stops
With the implementation of the new fare system on January 1, 2007, customers will be required to pay the fare at all surface stops on the Green Line, both inbound (eastbound) and outbound (westbound). Green Line Motorpersons will open all right side doors of the streetcar at all surface stops with the exception of the off reservation stops on the E Line between Fenwood Road and Heath Street. (At the off reservation stops on the E Line Motorpersons will continue to open front door only for safety reasons.) It is anticipated that opening all doors will reduce station dwell time and ultimately will provide a faster trip for our customers.

CharlieCards (both time based and stored value), Senior/TAP, and Students are able to board Rear Doors with receipt from platform validator, verification from hand-held validator, or from the farebox.

CharlieTicket holders can board read doors if ticket is inspected visually.

Cash passengers must board at the front.

Special Order #06-180 Page 2
• Hand-held Validator

Officials and Ambassadors will be located on various surface stops. Some of them will have hand­held validator that can be used to validate CharlieCards. The hand-held validators are small personal computers that will be held in the hand of designated Officials and/or Fare Ambassadors.

Passengers with CharileCards can approach the Official holding a validator to deduct fare or to verify proof of payment. The card has to be tapped to the validator. The hand-held validator will evaluate the card data, read, and provide information for the appropriate action to be executed by the smart card reader depending on the type of card:

> Valid time based pass: validate the pass by displaying the device number and validation
> Stored Value Card: deduct fare and display device number and validation date/time to the card

The hand-held validator will provide distinct audible feedback whether a card was successfully validated or validation was not possible. The display screen will show for valid cards the remaining value or validity depending on the type of card. An appropriate error message in case the card could not be validated, e.g. "Not enough value", "Expired", etc.

There is a button that can be set for the unit to be used in the "Validation Mode" or the "Inspection Mode" and back. In inspection mode it will only read the card information and display it to the operator without deducting value from the card. When card information is displayed an additional "Card History" button will be available to show the last 10 transactions on that card.

There is a glove type carrying case that will allow the Official to read cards through the reader located on the back of the operator's hand while the handheld will be placed in his palm This allows people to tap the card while the operator can observe the display at the same time. The glove is equipped with a shoulder strap. The glove suits both right- and left-handed persons. The glove will be made from a waterproof material.

Special Order #06-180 Page 3
• Platform Validator

There will be "Platform Validators" at some selected surface stops on the Green Line, including all D and E line stops (excluding off-reservation stops on the E Line). The customers will use the platform validators themselves. They will receive receipts signifying that they paid their fare by using a platform validator. It is easy to use. However, employees may have to explain the procedure to our customers. Use will deduct value from stored value CharlieCard or CharlieTickets and/or will validate time based passes on ChariieCards or CharlieTickets.

Designated Platform Officials and Ambassadors

During the introduction of the new fare policy, MBTA personnel will be stationed at many of the Green Line surface stops, and will assist with fare collection. The Green Line is assigning designated Officials and Ambassadors to surface stops during periods of high ridership. These individuals will be dedicated to fare related issues, such as informing our customers of new fare structure, instructing MBTA customers on how to use the fare equipment, and ensuring that customers pay the correct fare. With the introduction of new fare equipment, such as the platform validator and the hand-held validator, customers are able to board the rear doors. The Platform Officials and Ambassadors will assist in validating fare media and they will assist with rear door boarding.

Officials and Ambassadors will ensure that customers utilizing the rear doors during peak periods have paid the proper fare and/or have the appropriate pass or receipt before boarding. After peak periods, the Official or Ambassador may be required to board vehicles traveling both east and westbound and check that customers have a valid CharlieTicket and/or have proof that they have paid their fare. Officials and Ambassadors must ensure that consistent fare collection procedures are followed.

Green Line Motorpersons' Responsibilities

Green Line Motorpersons must familiarize themselves with the new fare structure and fare equipment. Every employee with the responsibility of collecting fares must be aware of fare media and be able to assist our customers in using new fare media and/or equipment. As stated in the above paragraph, at the inception of the new fare structure, personnel will be available on platforms to assist with fare collection. The fare media chart lists the various fare media, where customers can purchase fare media, how customers can obtain proof of payment, and how customers can board a streetcar.

Streetcar Motorpersons:
• Will open all doors at all stops (except on the E line off reservation).
• Must issue a receipt to cash paying customers.
o At locations with a platform validator, or where there is an Official or Ambassador with a hand-held validator, the sole responsibility of the Motorperson will be to provide a receipt to cash paying customers and to oversee CharlieTicket and CharlieCard transactions at the farebox.

o At platforms without a validator, or an Official or Ambassador, Motorpersons will open all doors, however the Motorperson must ask all customers who board through the rear doors to come to the front and provide proof of payment or verify that they have paid.

• In order to expedite service, Motorpersons should encourage customers to board at the front and exit at the rear.

Special Order #06-180 Page 4

• During off peak times, Motorpersons are required to make the following announcements when customers board using the side or rear door;
"Attention please, customers who have just boarded the streetcar through the side or rear door must come to the front to pay their fare or to show proof that they have a valid CharlieTicket. Thank You."

While the safety of our customers, employees, and the public is paramount, operating personnel must not lose sight of the importance of running dependable and efficient service. If you are delayed due to fare issues, call the OCC Dispatcher and inform them so that they will be able to take action to address the situation.

at this point the memo simply prints the Fare Media and Passes guide
of note and this is something that has caused confusion on the Silver Line the past 2 weeks

The T subway system is comprised of the Blue, Orange, Green, Red, and even part of the Silver Line. Silver Line 'Waterfront" falls under our subway fare structure noted below, while Silver Line 'Washington St' falls under the bus fare structure.

Special Order #06-180 Page 5

All employees shall use good judgment in settling fare disputes. Keep in mind the dignity of the customer and the right of the Authority to collect a fare for its services.
If you have any questions regarding this directive, please contact your Supervisor's Office, the OCC Dispatcher, the Heavy Rail Training School or the Light Rail Training School
Thank you.

Anna M. Barry
Director of Subway Operations

John J. McLaughlin
Director, Systemwide Modernization
Automated Fare Collection

John P. Hogan, Jr.
Director of OCC & Training
for Subway & Bus Operations

Cheryl A. Hinton
Director of Bus Operations
& Engineering

December 28, 2006
Distribution List attached

The last 4 pages of the memo is a FAQ list which is available on the T's website

So loyal readers we now know that the T did have a plan in place, they just never bothered to explain it to us the customers. Now we know that validators are on the E Line as well but for some reason they have for now not installed them on key stops along the B and C Lines. My thanks to unnamed T employees who are trying to get the word out to the riders.


Ian said...

FYI -- The T is in the process of installing a platform validation machine at Coolidge Corner on the C Line. Hopefully they'll continue this trend at other busy stops on the B and C lines, such as St. Mary's, Washington Square, Packard's Corner, Harvard Ave., etc.

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Here is my response: