Friday, January 12, 2007

shuttle buses all summer on the D Line

Riders of the Riverside line are in for a long summer as the T announced yesterday that major track work will be done on the D Line to allow the Type 8 Breda trolleys to use the line.

Here are the details.
  • From June 21st to July 31st the line will be shut down between Riverside and Reservoir so the T can replace rail ties and make the stations more ADA compliant.
  • On Aug. 4 and 5, the entire branch will be closed.
  • From August 6th to September 2nd the line will be closed from Reservoir to Fenway. The T plans extra service on the C Line during this period.

This is going to be lovely on days and evenings when the Red Sox are at home. The T plans to run express buses to Fenway during this construction.


Brian said...

This sounds fun. Well, at least the folks in Brookline will learn what's it been like commuting at night in Malden for the last few years. At least this is only going on for a couple months, though I'm surprised they aren't finding a way to keep it running during Sox home games, at least past Reservoir. I know there are only 9 days that would be effected, but those are going to be some insane days.

Anonymous said...

Why is this an acceptable solution? If the Bredas keep derailing, closing a transit line for an entire month in an attempt to re-grind the rails is not the answer. Even if it works, as the tracks get worn the problem will come right back.

Anonymous said...

HA! Glad i'm gonna be away!