Sunday, February 18, 2007

NYC Transit screws up bigtime

Transit riders in Queens are not having a fun weekend and NYC Transit made matters even worse by giving riders bad information on alternate routes as the 7 Flushing line is shutdown for repairs every weekend for the next 5 weeks. Even the T would be hard pressed to screw things up this badly.

Daily News Editorial - Stranding straphangers

Brochures placed in stations advised riders heading to Grand Central station today to take the E train to 53rd St./Lexington Ave. - and then an uptown No. 6 train to the historic hub. Grand Central is to the south, on 42nd St.
Posters placed in stations featured an abridged map showing the R train stopping at Grand Central. Not in this world.

The bad advice also could be found on the MTA's Web site

Freezing No. 7 riders say th-th-thanks, MTA After a long day of busing tables at a Manhattan restaurant, Gabriel Cambos could hardly wait early yesterday to hop onto the No. 7 train and head back to his Full Story

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Anonymous said...

when passengers can't get charlie cards , it's not the T that takes the blame it is the customer service agents who do !!!!!!!