Tuesday, February 20, 2007

T Tales - a rider leaves a rant

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from the mailbag at charlieonthembta@gmail.com Andreas is fed up
So i put five dollers in the farebox, and it takes all my money without
giving me a charlieticket. I get some complaint form which i need to mail
in to get my money which will probably never come.

I'm riding the D Line a few days ago and I hit the stop request button and
it skips my stop!

At another time, I cross the tracks in front of a boarding train, in plain
sight and the train moves on as soon as I'm off the tracks and about to get
on, making me wait another 10 minutes in the cold.

The train waits 10 minutes at Fenway with no announcements, and after 5
minutes the conductor of the train(car #2) gets out of the train and onto
the platform, people file on for free and then the train makes some loud
noises and gets on its way.

From a person who now bikes instead of riding the T.
We are hearing about ( and have seen first hand ) problems with the fareboxes adding value to CharlieCards. I can tell you that the T has been good in issuing refunds quickly to customers this has happened.

There seems to be a problem with people hitting the stop request on a second car of a Breda trolley and the driver in the first car not knowing about it. A Green Line motorman confirmed to me this is an issue and just said "it is yet another bug in these Bredas".

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Anonymous said...

I've been hearing more and more stories about fareboxes not providing ChangeTickets. One recent incident resulted in a shouting match between the passenger and the driver, and the driver kicking the passenger off the bus.