Saturday, February 10, 2007

bloggers on the T ( February 10th edition )

The T continues to be a popular subject with Boston bloggers..... a sample

Kathy from Cambridgeport has a lovely story
Returning home on Thursday Feb 8, as I entered bus #2272, at Central Sq bus stop on Mass Ave at Pearl, route 47, in Cambridge MA at 10:50pm, the bus driver hit me with a stream of verbal abuse. She demanded I tell her is the elderly gentlemen, who had been sitting in the freezing cold wailting over 1/2 hour for the bus, was "drunk." How would I know? I responded. I'm not gonna let him on the bus, look at him, he's been drinking!

from MBTA Watch
CharlieCard a Success or Failure?
A snafu of sorts occurred yesterday when Mac Daniel of The Boston Globe wrote a story citing CharlieCard usage statistics that were questionable at best.
from Alexx Kay
Recently, I needed to buy a new ticket at the Quincy Center T stop. There are 5 automated machines there. One of these was being serviced by a technician, and was unusable.

I went to the second machine. After going through the multi-step process of telling it what kind of ticket I wanted, it asked me to insert my credit card. I did so, but the machine did not respond in any way. I tried again several times, fast, slow, leaving it in for a few seconds before pulling it out – every variation I could think of. No response.

I went to the third machine. Exactly the same thing happened.
TJICistan on the Mac Daniel article
crazy statements that only a unionized MBTA worker, a journalist, or an idiot could believe
Sean on changes on the #60 bus in Chestnut Hill
I'm not a transit-junkie and don't pretend to have a grasp on the nuances of individual bus routes. It appears to me that the change corresponds to the Bloomingdale's women's store move. It used to stop near Bloomingdale's. Bloomingdale's moved. Now it stops near Bloomingdale's new location. Maybe it's just coincidence.
johnsu01 on the Jewel concert
Dear MBTA,

Quit breaking the transportation system with stupid stunts. Focus on doing your damn job. I understand that you need money. I can see that from the fact that you increased the price of my monthly pass by 30%. While that is frustrating, it is a lot less frustrating to see you doing things to try to make the system stable and self-sufficient by its own revenues than it is to see you renting out the space the public is paying for in ways that cause tremendous inconvenience to the public in order to raise a few extra dollars on the side. Note that nobody was paying to see this concert. If you need to promote yourselves, try doing it in a way that doesn't damage your reputation at the same time.

John A. Keith may lose sleep over Jewel
Someone, please, fill in the missing part of the story.

For some reason, I won’t be able to sleep tonight unless I know … how did Jewel get from Boston College to South Station via the MBTA? Did she take the Green Line to Park Street, then switch to the Red Line to South Station?
Outraged Liberal is fed up with the T........again
OK, now I'm really fed up. Attempting to board the B Line outbound at BU Central tonight, I was told I needed to go the front door by a "customer service agent" without any validation equipment while people next to me were allowed to get on the train.

Does my CharlieCard (pre-paid corporate pass account) somehow give off an aura that allowed this person to determine that my hard plastic card was somehow inferior to someone else's card or CharlieTicket (or nothing for all I know). Does my card have cooties?
sanny pants says "I love the MBTA. No wait. No I don't"

Insanity Runs Amok isn't happy about the T or the people that ride it
People on the T -- If they aren't having loud, very personal conversations on their cell phone, they are pushing you around with the big ass backpack. Or they are shouting about how the Yankees suck after they watch a game in which the Red Sox have been playing the ******* ORIOLES. Fun times, let me tell you.
and that is just from Friday.............. In case anyone thinks I didn't link a positive T blog, do a search on google blogs.

There weren't any.....hey I found a couple
Thanks to stories appearing on The Somerville News Web site, MBTA workers cleaned up the trash near Davis Square.
menegay writes 'It’s cool to ride the bus'
I used to be a subway snob, I admit it. The bus seemed weird and random and automatically inferior to the subway. (It needs roads?!) And it’s fun to complain about Boston’s transit system, I also admit. But today, I have two glowing endorsements.


Susan said...

people love the T I see

Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear an unbiased report of this story. The person who posted it is a well-known nutjob.