Friday, February 09, 2007

Jewel on a Breda

Jewel concert on the fast track

WBZ-TV has video of Jewel singing on a Breda Green Line car during rush hour on Friday

Jewel Serenades Boston 'T' Riders

Anybody make it to South Station for the concert? Hope to have video of that later.

South Station photos
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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was there. Got bullied by MBTA police thugs as I was trying to get past the Jewelers on my way to the Red Line. It would be nice if some of the fully-armored SWAT goons there might actually do some real work, like maybe protecting people from muggers at MBTA stations.

Ron Newman said...

I went to the show at South Station. Had a good time even though I was towards the back of the crowd and couldn't see that well.

Every so often, behind me, I heard the faint sound of a departing train being announced...and wondered if the commuters and tourists could hear the announcement at all.

At least two people standing near me had no idea the concert was going to happen, and were quite pleased and surprised to find it as they got off their commuter train.