Monday, February 05, 2007

T gets $630,396 from Turner Broadcasting

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley announced today that Massachusetts state and local officials have reached a settlement with Turner Broadcasting and Interference, Inc., by which the companies will pay $2 million in restitution and other compensation to the communities and agencies affected by last week’s scare.

Here is a breakdown of where the money will go.




TOTAL $630,396


Dani B. said...

They should have these hoaxes more often, it's a good way to raise non-fare revenue!

Anonymous said...

Since the MBTA is supposedly "on duty", why all the extra cash? A penalty?

Are not their employees paid to respond to these incidents?

I think a line-item accounting for their expenses would be revealing, but then again, probably too revealing for this center of corruption.

Brian said...

Since they are getting so much money, I'd be interested to see how they respond to customer requests for refunds. In the past, I've always been denied for "police action" delays. Even ones that last hours. Since I know for a fact that they were paid for this delay, I'd like to see how they respond to the affected customers.

Dani B. said...

That's incorrect the T generally does refund for "police action" delays. They will refund regardless of the reason for the delay. You just need to fill out the form online.

Brian said...

Well, tell that to the MBTA. The last 3 times I was delayd by "police action", I got absolutely no acknowledgement of my On-Time Service Guarentee request. One was only just over a half-hour, but the other two were over an hour long delays. One was for the epic delay back in October that I still remember VERY clearly. My girlfriend never got reimbursed either for the same delay. If they validate police action delays, they sure have a habit of forgetting that.

Anonymous said...

Brian, you're assuming facts not in evidence. Did the T respond to non-police action refund requests from the same time period yet? They're really slow at handling refunds.