Friday, February 09, 2007

T police arrest 5 graffiti artists in Braintree

from WCVB

Five Alleged Graffiti Artists Arrested

Graffiti vandals may be planning to gather in Boston during the weekend to target Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority trains, officials said.NewsCenter 5's Todd Kazakiewich reported that five alleged taggers were arrested and faced charges in Quincy District Court Friday, accused of planning to spray paint MBTA property. They pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to tag."There was an MBTA officer who saw them coming from an access road that is typically used by people who spread graffiti on trains and train property," a prosecutor said.

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Colleen said...

Interesting. For the first time ever I noticed a graffiti-covered commuter rail car lumbering by my house (the Northeast Corridor tracks are at the end of my street). It was so unusual for me to see the graffiti on the T's rolling stock that I immediately took notice. Wonder if there's a connection with the "convention"