Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Charlie's Mailbag February 6th more on North Station

from the mailbag at charlieonthembta@gmail.com
Joseph looks at the improved North Station
I also would like to voice my opinion a little on the renovations at North Station.

My few points would be

1. LARGE monitors should be mounted inside the new area at each or every other doorway to the trains..The 13 inch monitors outside the station DO NOT cut it anymore..

2. The platforms outside the new area connecting the tracks SHOULD be permanent. There is nothing worse than trying to fight your way through pedestrian traffic to get to your train.

3. How about a couple of Kiosk vendors to at least give us the option to buy something to read or to drink.. There is plenty of room and not everyone likes MacDonald's.

4. All of this should have been in the budget since we all have gotten our tickets increased twice within the last 2 years. One would have thought the architects would have thought of these improvements during the planning period.

Any feedback would be great..

Delaware North says retail locations are coming.

A second phase in the upcoming months will introduce a variety of retail options geared to commuters and Garden guests including food and beverage retail locations, ATMs and other service providers.


Rest of your suggestions make sense.

Greg from San Francisco who writes a transit blog says hello

I read about your blog at the Christian Science Monitor (via Yahoo
News) and took a look....I like it very much! I've always had an
interest in Boston's system since a) I spent a summer there a few
years ago and liked the city very much and b) Boston used to have the
infamous Boeing cars we did.

I have been doing a similar site, since 2005, at http://
www.njudahchronicles.com . I mostly focus on the N-line since it's
the only one that covers a cross section of the city (and it's the
one I ride the most) but I do other issues too.

Anyway, looks like you're doing great, keep up the good work!


Thanks for the kind words. Yes MUNI and the T did share the wonderful Boeing cars and now we both have Bredas. I know the N line well as I have taken it out the beach several times. The line really is a melting pot. Thanks for visiting.


Dani B. said...

The Globe reported a while ago that when the large solari board in south station gets replaced in the near future they will also be ordering one for north station as well so that should solve that problem. As a temp solution I believe they were using some of the large diamond vision monitors from the old banknorth garden scoreboard to post train departure times and tracks.

About suggestion 2 how does leaving the connecting platforms solve anything. Those can get clogged with pedestrian traffic as well. I see nothing wrong with them making people use the door that corresponds to their track. There is much more room now so this isn't as terrible as it used to be. Also the T wants them gone because they take up track space. Capacity at north station is cramped as it is now because of the new waiting area.

The new north station waiting area is a huge improvement and it seems that people have been very fast to forget just how lousy the old situation was and are very quick to complain about the new one. Take for it is: a huge improvement over what we had a year ago.

Anonymous said...

Most people who need to wait are going to stay inside. So the outdoor connecting path wouldn't get blocked by people standing around.

John Mc said...

Have to disagree a little with Dani B. At south station, even though you leave through a door that says track X, there is open platform outside, so you can walk to any track form any door. I agree that such a situation outside would be nice. I have no idea what they're going to do with the Temporary crossings - will the trains pull in further, or will they replace the temp things with such an outside solid-across-all-tracks platform?

As for vendors - just bring back some soda & water vending machines. I miss those. :)

John Mc said...
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John Mc said...

Was in North Station last night. Are they a little behind in putting HEAT in that place? brrrrrrr..