Tuesday, February 06, 2007

some transit notes from New York

I noticed a couple of transit items in the New York Post yesterday that may be of interest to Boston riders.

Every bus at Manhattan's 126th Street depot has been equipped with global-positioning hardware, allowing its exact location to be monitored from a command center in East New York, Brooklyn, officials said.

Electronic signs will be installed at some bus shelters, relaying the expected wait time for the next bus. This information will also be made available on the MTA's Web site.
Maybe someday this dream will become a reality in Boston....

and the Post got the training manual for their Customer Service Agents


Relations between straphangers and the MTA are strained at best, according to the Customer Service Plus manual obtained by The Post.

Despite this, the agency's advice to the former token-booth clerks for handling angry riders is essentially to do nothing.

"Learn to 'zip your lip,' the manual advises. "Nod your head frequently and say, 'Uhh-huh' from time to time."

And, the guide warns, "Don't tap your feet."

Wonder what the Boston one says....


Anonymous said...

The question isn't what the Boston training manual says, its whether any training manual exists at all.

Brian said...

I guess training them to smile and nod is still better than Boston where they aren't trained at all. It'd be nice, though, if customer service personnel were trained and empowered to actually provide customer service. Making them literally just a person to yell to doesn't do them or riders any favors. The only people who benefit are out-of-touch transit management.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time they actually cleaned out the cars on the subways. I mean really get in there and disinfect, not just sweep out the dirt and newspapers. Most of the cars have a strong urine and/or vomit aroma to them. You figure at $2 a pop they'd atleast hang some car-tree air fresheners.